Lergodset B&B, STF vandrarhem


Near by the camping is laying for free the swimmingpool of the kommune. Behind the pool is  the river and you can easily walk in the river. There is also a little beach and you can play volleyboll ! In the surrounding are many little lakes were you can swim.

You can make many different walks in the surrounding of the commune Ragunda. Through the woods, over the hills, along the river. We have many miles behind us, so we can advise you to make a good choise of the routes.

The living waterfall (Meåfallet)
The walk to the waterfall in summer and winter is a challenge for everybody. A nice walk by the fast running water of the river. Also the climb to the fall - height 32 meters - either running or frozen, is splendid.

The “Dead Waterfall” (Döda Fallet)
Till 1796 was here one of the biggest waterfalls of Sweden with a hight of 35 meters. Now you  can take a walk in  the canyon. You can also take a heavy walk. Go up to the stair-chase and walk along the river in the direction of the bridge. This bridge is hanging over the river and is 109 m long.   

Goat cave
A little climb of 10-15 minutes is worthwhile. It gives you the feeling of being in the iceage when you are walking between the enormous stones, before you reach the imposing cave. When the weather is fine, you can walk to the top of the stones and you have a beautiful view.

Hammarstrand seems like HOLLYWOOD
These big letters are standing on the hill and reminds of the Hollywood-sign. The climb up isn't  always easy passable, rough by the many stones on the path heavy because of the steepness (heavy climb 30 min). A nice walk, it's worthwile doing it; when you are on top of the mountain you have a splendid view over the valley.

The observation cottage
If you are coming on the hill you can start walking on the route with blue/white stripes on the trees. A surprising walk through the wood with a little differences inhight. If you reach the cottage you can enjoy yourselve with a splendid view over the hills. Further in the woods are a few old farms. A lovely place to rest and take a cup of tea or grill some food.

Mushrooms, currants and orchids
In spring look for the red colours of the orchidees and in autumn you pick currants of look for mushrooms.
Ragunda can offer you a lot  in every season!

During summertime:  cycling, paddling, fishing, climbing, watching wildlife, zorbing, badminton, deer safari, jeu de boules.
During wintertime:  toboggan, curling, dogsledge, skiing, cross country, snowscooter safari, climbing, making ice skulptures, scooter  sledge, walking on special snow-shoes.

Using the cykels, scooter sledge and sauna is possibles!