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Surroundings and Culture

The province of Jämtland
Jämtland county is one of the last, untouched natures of Europe. Only 1,4% of the totaly area in Jämtland  has being cultivated. Extensive woods with crystal-clear lakes and snow-covered mountaintops. The bear, the wolve, the deer and a lot of birds of prey are living here.

Tips and the sights

Churches in Ragunda
In every little village you can find very old churches, in the neighbourhood of Hammarstrand:  Håsjö, Hällesjö, Stugan and Pålgård. Not only the exterior, but also the interior of the churches are very beautiful. On the walls there are very old wall paintings. Each church has it's own belfry, old and beautiful.

You can visite the old “hembyggsgård”. There is an old postoffice, school, farm and ventures.  In the vitrines are clothes from the year 1900. Sometimes they have a lot of activities and you can learn to bake tunnbread, the Swedish bread. Since 2015 there is also a marked path with piles where they are telling about the history of Ragunda commune.

Museum Krångede
An other sightseeing is a visit to a hydro-electric powerstation in Krångede with a lovely museum. Also the old transport gutter for the trees, is a part of seeing (and walking in it).  The museum connects old days with present life; a well designed museum with illustrates how people lived during the era of the hydro-power expansion.

Drawnings in Näsåker
A voyage back in time you find at the cave-drawing in Näsåker. Such a 2600 drawings  of animals, boats and people out of the period 4500-1800 B.C. In the village is a little museum where you can have a look at the very  especially discoveries .

Loppis ( Grånninge)
As soon as  the cranes are back in the country, spring begins. All over Sweden you see the signs near the road with the words:  “Loppis”. The Swedish people are mad on it ! A lot of them have an old garage with all old duds and sticks which you can buy. In Grånninge is standing an old big house with 4 floors; you can buy  anything you want. After shopping you can make a walk around the lake and enjoy some old big houses and have a look at the old watermill .

Thai Paviljon in Utanede
In the village Utanede is laying an exotic object, the Thai Paviljon. A paviljon you don't expect in Sweden. In 1897 the king of Thailand stayed overnight in Bispgården, King Chulalonkorn Rama V.  Dancers from Thailand are coming to the paviljon. There are a lot of activities, meditation days and a Thais market.     

Östersund is a lively small city on the shore of lake Storsjön. Here is the pulse and city life with shops, music and culture in a great mix. Ypu can buy local products; they are very important in Jämtland.  The glassworks Glashyttan and Storsjöhyttan and Frösö Handtryck (textile) are traditional handcrafts with modern design. Of course, you can't forget to visit Jamtli. In this museum you'll find vestiges of the Vikings; it also gives you a good sight of the period of the18-19e century.  

Nostalgia days Hammarstrand (old cars)
Tthe nostalgian days have been organisedfor the the 20st time in a row! That means two days with a hill-climb and a cruising. These days are very populair in Sweden. They are mad of American cars. The bigger the best and really, most of them look magnificent. At the end of the two days there is a big rock and roll party!